Andrea Bautista LMT

Andrea Bautista, Licensed Massage Therapist in Scottsdale

Andrea Bautista Licensed Massage Therapist

Andrea Bautista is a licensed massage therapist and has worked under the guidance and direction of Dr. Jing Liu since 2008. Her treatments include deep tissue, acupressure, cupping, anma/shiatsu, tuina, trigger point therapy, pregnancy massage and more.  The bodywork serves to quickly mobilize one's innate capabilities to heal primary injuries underlying chronic pains and other skeletal or neuromuscular dysfunctions. The end point is to activate the body to heal the injuries and to restore its physiological balance. The treatment, combining with exercises and stretches, also serves to prevent pains and other neuromuscular dysfunctions to become chronic.

She is ranked 4th generation 1st degree black belt in Shaolin Fei Long Dragon Wind Athletic Assoc under Master Lu Robinson, Red Sash in N.A.S.D.A. (North American Self Defense Assoc) Liu Seong Shaolin Kuntao under Grandmaster Arthur Sikes, Black belt in Wushu of World Martial Arts Academy under Master Jinheng Li.  She has traveled to Beijing China in September 2006 for an intense internal training program in Tai Chi, Bagua and Xingyi under Grandmaster Wu Bin who was the teacher for Jet Li, the world famous martial arts actor. She was invited again to train in October 2008 for more internal training.  Her moral code is; We never use our art aimlessly. We respect, honor and love. We are humble and soft spoken. We practice self-control and are helpful. We avoid improper activities. We help maintain peace, preserve life and contribute to humanity.

Andrea has received her Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine and worked with Dr. Jing Liu, L.Ac., O.M.D., Ph.D. (China), which has given her a better understanding about meridian work from symptoms to looking for underlying causes of illness.  She also had the opportunity to study under Dr. Liu’s mentor, Dr. Shi Xue Min who is the “Father of Acupuncture” from China for the last 6 years. 

 To schedule an appointment with Andrea, call (480) 451-8880 today.



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"Jing works incredibly hard. She said 'We are going to fix it' and she has done just that"

Dawn K, Phoenix, AZ

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