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Dr. Jing Liu, Acupuncturist in Scottsdale

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Dr. Jing Liu, L.Ac., OMD., Ph.D. China

Dr.Liu&Ali.png    "Dr. Liu is the Best" said Lonnie Ali at the Celebrity Fight Night.  Mrs. Ali introduced Dr. Jing Liu as one of the team doctors for Muhammad Ali.  Dr. Jing Liu, OMD, LA., PhD, has nearly 20 years of experience in both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Medicine. Born and raised in China, Dr. Liu attended Beijing Medical School of PLA and Ph.D. program in Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she also holds a Ph.D. degree in Natural Health Science. Dr. Liu is also Nationally Certified and Board Licensed in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in California and Arizona.

IMG_3372001.jpgAs a recognized expert in acupuncture, Dr. Liu has worked alongside high-ranking Chinese government officials and top Western doctors. Dr. Liu was influential in the research of Dr. Shi Xue Min’s stroke rehabilitation method Xing Nao Kai Qiao. Dr. Shi or “The Father of Acupuncture” acts as a mentor to Dr. Liu and has nicknamed her “The Master of the Masters.

Dr. Liu makes yearly visits to China to further her acupuncture education and bring back the latest research in the field. Through her connection to China, Dr. Liu champions for the legitimacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the U.S. and standardizing acupuncture for many disorders.

Dr.Liu_MissAZ2_577x640_small.jpgFor over a decade, Dr. Liu and her Eastern Medicine Center has offered the Scottsdale community her unique talents using a seamless blend of Traditional Chinese and Western medicine. The Center has been featured in 3TV’s Your Life A to Z and Dr. Liu has contributed to the nation’s leading acupuncture news source Acupuncture Today. Miss Arizona 2014, Jennifer Smestad was Dr. Liu's patient when she was a little girl who suffered with Tourette's and ADD/ADHD. Dr. Liu called her a little duckling who became into a beautiful swan.  

Dr. Liu’s knowledge is well-rounded and encompasses the treatment of common illnesses, pain management, cancer support, neuropathy, and men and women’s health issues. Dr. Liu’s latest research looks into the cause and treatment of male and female infertility. Dr. Liu’s dominance of infertility treatments has led to full-term pregnancies for many of her patients.

Eastern_Medicine_Photo_6215_Resized.jpgDr. Jing Liu not only treats patients in her office, but she has dedicated her time to start her own nonprofit The Arizona Research Institute of Acupuncture to prove the clinical effectiveness of TCM by treating both symptoms and illness by setting up research, educate and support the community. 

She has visited elementary schools around the Scottsdale area to educate the parents and staff how acupuncture and Chinese medicine help kids who suffer from ADD/ADHD.  Dr. Liu and her mentor were invited to Tucson medical school to introduce the advance research methods and its effect on the comprehensive evaluation system, and advanced clinical evidence.  They both have been invited to numerous acupuncture schools across the U.S. to continue to educate students because the widespread use to Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and its use in the West, rigorous scientific evidence of its effectiveness is limited. 

Dr. Liu is also invested in shaping the next generation of practitioners at EMC and ensuring that Chinese medicine continues to thrive. To learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Liu and her team, call (480) 451-8880 today.

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Dr. Liu with Muhammad Ali after a treatment with Dr.Liu, Ali was always happy and relieved

"She is the best."  Lonnie Ali said of Dr. Jing Liu 


Dr. Liu Successful Story helping Miss Arizona when she  was younger battling Tourette's




 Guest Speaker Mayo Clinic Stroke Association July 2014


3TV Infertility Interview Your Life A to Z December 2011


Dr. Liu work with Dr. Shi in Teaching Hospital in Tianjin China 

It was an honor when Dr. Shi offers a chair to sit next to him to work on patients together


Lecture and Demonstration Tucson Acupuncture School 

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