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Chinese Herbal Medicine

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbs are essential for good health, Chinese herbs are commonly used today for their effectiveness for a number of common illnesses – this method goes back at least 2,000 years. Over that time, a vast amount of experience has been gained that has gone towards perfecting clinical applications. Our herbs can greatly increase the effectiveness of modern drug treatments, reduce their side-effects, Our herbs consist of thousands of plant species. Chinese herbs are most often taken in combinations of herbs rather than on their own. By combining herbs, synergies have been discovered that vastly increase the medicinal effects. Our formulas consist of principal herbs, assisting herbs, directional herbs, and herbs that reduce the side effects, or aid the digestion of a particular herb.

At Eastern Medicine Center, we have the most comprehensive supply of 350+ dried raw herbs from China, America and other countries in the valley.

In 2016, Eastern Medicine Center, Dr. Jing Liu created Essentia Herbs, now Sol Nutrition, to help our customers regulate and cleanse the body naturally. Our special formulas, which have evolved over time are able to give your body the raw materials it needs to heal itself.

Sol Nutrition herbal supplements are designed to bring harmony and balance back to your health with reformed traditional formulas and clinical experienced formulas for modern times. All of the herbs that make up Sol Nutrition’s products are formulated from the master clinicians and researchers who have decades of experience in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. All the formulas are developed with scientific research and clinically proven to work for their intended purposes. All the products are simple, effective, and easy to use.

To get our herbs, visit:
www.solnutrition.com or www.essentiaherbs.com