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Laura Henson, MD

Dr. Laura Henson

Laura Henson, MD, graduated from Arizona State University with a BSE in biomedical engineering. She also earned her Certificate in Gerontology at ASU. Laura received her medical degree from The University of Arizona School of Medicine in Tucson. She became board certified in family medicine in 2016 after the completion of her internship and residency training at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Henson trained under Dr. Andrew Weil for two years during medical school, when he first launched The Fellowship in Integrative Medicine in Tucson, Arizona.

With a range of medical accomplishments to her name, Dr. Laura Henson wanted to make living a healthy lifestyle accessible to communities all over the United States. Dr. Laura Henson had the ideal Western medical background to pair with Dr. Liu’s experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so they combined knowledge to heal people together.

She’s currently a partner at Mountain View Family Physicians in Scottsdale, Arizona.