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Dr. Liu invited to Mayo Clinic May 2014

On Tuesday May 20, 2014, Dr. Liu was invited to Mayo Hospital in Scottsdale, AZ to speak to the Stroke Support Group. She had the whole group on the edge of their seats by telling them how effective acupuncture can help with the special te…chniques using Xing Nao Kai Qiao using one of her current patients by demonstrating the technique. At the end,one more person who had difficulty with his speech and asked how it works. She asked him to say difficult again, which he could not say clearly. She placed 3 needles and stimulated them for 2 minutes and removed them. Dr. Liu asked him to say difficult again and he said it perfectly with no trouble at all. He was surprised and had tears in his eyes after hearing himself and everyone’s surprised gasps. Not only were patients there, but she had doctors walking in interested to see the effectiveness of her treatment for stroke and any neurological problems.


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