For Professionals

Professional Opportunities in TCM and Acupuncture

Professional Opportunities in TCM and Acupuncture

Internships: One-on-one study in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture with a practitioner in our office

Continuing Education Opportunities (programs include):

  • Dr. Shi's Xing Nao Kai Qiao Method
  • Prescription/Application of 30 Important Acupuncture Points
  • Treatment for Several Kinds of Cranial Nerve Degenerative Diseases
  • Primary Hypertension
  • Acupuncture treatment at Ren 22 for Bulbar paralysis of cerebral infarction
  • Fertility/Infertility
  • Women's Health
  • Men's Health
  • ADHD/Tourette's
  • Prevention/Wellness

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Saturday November 14, 2015

Lecture and Demonstration On How to Handle ADHD, Tourette's, Anxiety, Stress, and Depression using

Alternative Methods




Everyone attended received a complimentary treatment and ARIA handed out $2,600 worth of treatments!!


Arizona Research Institute of Acupuncture Fundraiser 2015


2015 Chinese New Year celebration fundraiser was a success bringing the community together to educate and learn how Acupuncture and Chinese medicine help.  A demonstration of martial arts, cooking, calligraphy as well as a kind donation of a dozen signed baseballs by Mr. Bob Uecker "Mr. Baseball" which were auctioned off along with other memorabilia.  We were able to raise funds for our Non-Profit. 


May 20, 2014 Mayo Clinic Lecture


Dr. Liu was invited to Mayo Clinic Stroke Support Group off the 101 Freeway in Scottsdale Arizona.  She offered her expertise and demonstration how acupuncture and Chinese medicine will help patients with Stroke or any neurological problems.


2014 Dr. Shi Xuemin at Eastern Medicine Center

Acupuncture in Phoenix 

2012 Dr. Shi Xuemin at Eastern Medicine Center


2011 Dr. Shi Xuemin at Eastern Medicine Center




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